Apartments by the sea

We are very proud of the accommodation we offer, far from civilization and only a few meters from the Adriatic Sea. In our opinion, this is paradise!

However, it is important to be aware that it is simple standard in rustic stone houses. If you are looking for a luxurious hotel room with underfloor heating, room service and new towels every day, this is unfortunately the wrong destination. On the other hand, if you want to get far from turists, hustle and stress, this is absolutely magical.

The whole place is powered by solar electricity, which means that there is limited electricity, but enough to turn on lights, charge mobile phones and computers. Even the water for the showers is heated by the sun. We have installed gas heaters at Lost Beach to always have hot water, we have not had time to test this system so we are unsure how well they work.

Sheets and towels are included but are not changed during the week. Bring your own beach towel to the beach and training.


We live in simple apartments with 2-6 beds. Each apartment consists of:

  • 2-3 bedrooms with 2-3 beds in each room.
  • Kitchenette (only for breakfast).
  • A bathroom.

If you are traveling alone or if there are an even number of people booking together, you will be placed with other pleasant travelers. If the two of you book together, we guarantee a private double room, then you share the kitchenette and bathroom with other guests. If you have any special requests, please indicate this when booking.

Single room supplement costs 240 €.


We have two upgraded apartments in Lost Bay. These meet a higher standard and are more modernly furnished than other accommodation. The apartments consist of:

  • 2 bedrooms with 2 beds in each room.
  • 2 bathrooms.
  • A combined kitchen and living room.
  • Balcony.

These cost 150 € extra / person.
If you do not fill all the places, a supplement of 240 € will be added for each empty bed.

These apartments are also powered by solar electricity and the water is heated by the sun.


Lost Villa is located far from civilization. The nearest town with restaurants, bars, museum and shops is over 40 minutes away by car. We have the area where we stay completely to ourselves.

In one week, you often see more dolphins than other people (except other participants).

If you want to go on a training trip to the Mediterranean, Lost Villa is probably the most isolated training destination there is. For a week, we live far from civilization and focus solely on exercise, recovery, sun, swimming and good food.

Lost Villa – This is where we built our magical outdoor gym and the large infinity pool.

Lost Beach – Here we live. We have the entire bay and the fantastic pebble beach to ourselves and this is also where we eat lunch and dinner every day.

Lost Bay – Here we have additional accommodation and also two upgraded apartments with a slightly higher standard. At the far end of the bay there is a jetty and an incredibly cozy pebble beach.

Solar Energy

All electricity comes from the sun, for better or for worse. It is fantastic to be able to live only on the energy that the sun gives us. But it also means that we can’t have energy-guzzling appliances such as hair dryers, fans, air conditioning or elements. When it gets cold or wet, it also gets cool and damp in the apartments and when it gets hot outside, it gets hot in the apartments.

Therefore, we have chosen to arrange the training trips during spring and autumn, when it is usually a pleasant temperature both inside and outside. But we are not weather gods and you have to be prepared for both heat, cold and rain. Even the water for the showers is heated by the sun.

We have back-up with thick blankets and a diesel generator if it should be cloudy for several days. But keep in mind, this is an outdoor destination and in bad weather everything gets a little boring. We eat lunch and dinner under the open sky every day, if it rains we eat in the apartments.