Everyone can join!

Do you have to be super-fit to be able to come along?

– Absolutely not, with us everyone is welcome!

Although some of the world’s strongest and fittest athletes come and train with us, the majority of our guests are normal exercisers with ordinary jobs, hectic everyday lives, stiff shoulders and sore knees.

Regardless of your training level and ambitions, we offer training in a unique and very inspiring environment. A perfect break in everyday life where you can focus on yourself and your training for a week. Between training sessions, there are fantastic opportunities for recovery with nice baths and lazy moments on the pebble beach.

We have talented coaches who hold training sessions with a focus on functional training and weightlifting. For many guests, there will be 1-2 passes a day. There are also perfect opportunities for running and swimming training.

The gym is open all day so there is also plenty of time to work out on your own.

We are proud to say that we have the best gym on Hvar, Croatia!

A normal day

Usually one attends a morning session and an afternoon session. On most sessions we have 10-15 participants.

Morning work out

We start the day with a heavy training session with a focus on cardio and body weight exercises. By scaling the exercises, everyone can participate. Some do muscle-ups, while some others don’t even know what it is and instead do ring rowing. Our talented coaches ensure that everyone gets 100% out of the training session, regardless of level and previous experience.

Afternooon work out

In the afternoon, when it is sometimes really hot, we slow down the pace and focus more on strength and technique. Even in the afternoon, everyone can participate, if you are new to lifting, it is enough to train with the barbell to get the right technique into the lift. At the same time, the friend stands next to you and loads 100 kg on his barbell. Everyone high-fives and our coaches are always there to help you develop.

Mobility / yoga

After two hard training sessions, we wind down with a quiet mobility and yoga session. With the sound of the sea in the background, we can fully relax. Sometimes, however, we are a bit disturbed by the dolphins that swim past the gym.

Some weeks we also have coaches with different specialties, check out our training calendar here.

Movies from the gym

ATTENTION! You do NOT have to be as fit as the people in the videos below. Isabella von Weissenberg has won several world championships in powerlifting and Camilla Salomonsson Hellman has competed at the CrossFit Games (like the Olympics for CrossFit).