We often get question like:

Do I have to be well-trained as the people in your pictures?

Answer: Absolutely not.

Although some of the world's strongest and most well-trained athletes come and train with us, the majority of our guests are made up of very ordinary exercisers with regular jobs, stressful lives, stiff shoulders and sore knees.

Regardless of your exercise training level and ambitions, we offer our training in a unique and very inspiring environment. It is a perfect break in your everyday life where you get to focus on yourself and your training for a week. Between the workout, there are fantastic opportunities for recovery with nice baths and lazy moments on the beach.

We have good coaches who give out instructions during training sessions with focus on functional training and weightlifting. There are also perfect opportunities for running and swimming sessions.

The gym is open all day so there is also plenty of time to exercise on your own.

inger - EXERCISE

Inger visited by September 2018.

Self-employed, teacher and grandmother.

Made their first burpees during the trip.

An ordinary Exercise training day at Lost Villa…

No day is like the other. Below is just one example of a typical day.

We offer a morning exercise session and an afternoon session. We mix functional training and various lifts with barbell such as squats, deadlifts, bench press and Olympic lifts. On most classes we have 10-15 participants.

Some coaches with different techniques often come in some weeks to instruct. Check out our training calendar here.

wod 300x300 - EXERCISE

Morning Exercise

We start the day with a high intensity
exercise with focus on body weight exercises. By scaling the exercises, all guests can be included. A few guests will do muscle-ups while some others will do ring rowing. Our experienced coaches ensure that everyone gets 100% of the workout, regardless of level and previous knowledge.

styrkelyft600 300x300 - EXERCISE

Afternoon Training

In the afternoon while the temperature is really hot, we take down the tempo and focus more on strength and technique.
Everyone can participate in this program. If you are new to strength lifting, it is enough to train with the empty barbell to get the right movement into the lift. At the same time the friend who stands next to you will load 100 kg on his/hers barbell. But no matter the weight, everyone is doing high-fives and our coaches are always there to help you to develop.

yogahvarcroatia 300x300 - EXERCISE

Mobility / Stretch / Yoga

After two hard workouts, we wind down with a quiet mobility and stretch session with the ocean sound in the background. However, sometimes we get a little disturbed by the dolphins swimming past the gym.


Isabella von Weissenberg is a frequent visitor to Lost Villa. The first visit was in the fall of 2018 when we made this film of her during a workout.

In the spring of 2019, she came back and trained before the World Cup, to be held a few weeks later.

Everything went as it should and Isabella set a new world record with 203 kg in squats (about as heavy as three large refrigerators). Isabella holds (what we know) Lost Villa’s deadlift record at
222.5 kg.
Can you beat it?

Training Area

Lost Villa 1 300x300 - EXERCISE

Lost Villa

Outdoor gym & obstacle course

We usually have our workouts at Lost Villa. Here we have our big outdoor gym and obstacle course. It is also here that most pictures on the website were captured.

The location is magical located right
next to it is the Adriatic Sea!

The outdoor space is built on a large
concrete terrace with rubber mat on top.

Equipment in the gym:
Large Eleiko rig.
Men’s barbells 20 kg.
Lady’s barbells 15 kg.
Wall Balls.

The equipment comes from Eleiko and

Monkey Bar.
Salmon ladder.

The obstacle course is a home building site and must be used with caution.

We have no machines since all training takes place outdoors.
The floor tilts slightly so that the rain will drain faster.

Lost Bay 300x205 - EXERCISE

Lost Bay

Swimming training in calm water

You can also take a swimming session in the bay next to Lost Villa.
The bay is protected from waves
and thus, is a very calm water.

Lost Beach 300x205 - EXERCISE

Lost Beach

Outdoor gym & basketball court

At Lost Beach we have built a gym area just a few meters from the beach. Sometimes we have our workouts here even though most of the workouts are held at Lost Villa. This means that there is almost always space for your own training at Lost Beach. Here we also have our fantastic basketball court where many epic matches are played.

Equipment in the gym:
Squat stand.
Men’s barbells 20 kg.
Slam Balls.
Kettlebells (older).

The equipment mainly comes from
Eleiko and Kraftmark.


At the beginning of May 2019, we had the pleasure to have Swedish CrossFit athlete Camilla Salomonsson Hellman visiting for a whole week.

We took the opportunity to film her while
she was doing the “Heavy DT” workout.

5 rounds for time:
12 deadlifts
9 hanging power cleans
6 push jerks

Females use 145 lbs / 65kg
Males use 205 lb / 93kg

Can you beat Camilla’s time at 12.21?