Food is a big part of the trip. During a whole week, you get to eat really good and tasty food. Many people think that healthy eating is the same as boring and tasteless, but that is absolutely not the case!

With planning and good ingredients, you can eat really well and healthily.

All food is included in the price and the menu has been developed in consultation with a licensed dietician. The meals are well-balanced and prepared with fresh ingredients.

A typical meal usually consists of potatoes or rice with fish, chicken, meat or some vegetarian option, and is served with a large salad and grilled vegetables.

Tasty sauces and organic olive oil made from fresh olives picked from our own trees are also served with the meal.

Many of the meals are completely vegetarian.


Vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, lactose intolerant, gluten-free or something else? No problem, we solve all allergies and food preferences.

Why not try eating vegetarian or vegan all week? Recommended! Great for you and good for the environment.

Climate-smart Food

We constantly work to offer the most climate-smart food possible. The goal is not to exceed WWF’s climate budget for food. This means that one week’s climate impact must not exceed 11 kg of Co2.

Our vegetarian & vegan menu already meets this goal, while we are still working on coming up with a good menu for all meat eaters.


Breakfast is included, but you cook it yourself in the apartment.

During the week, you pick up what you want and store it in your fridge. Every day you can refill as much as you need.

In this way, you can eat breakfast at the time you prefer, some people want to eat early before the first training session, while others prefer too sleep in and have a later breakfast.

The breakfast package consists of coffee, tea, milk, oatmeal, fresh fruit, eggs, bread, butter & spreads.