The island of Hvar has been nicknamed “Suncani Hvar” (sunny Hvar) because it is so sunny here. The season is long on Hvar and it is the island with the most hours of sunshine in all of Croatia. Statistically, it rains 3-7 days/month during the period that we arrange training trips.

Outdoor destination

Lost Villa is a true outdoor destination, we spend almost all of our time outdoors. All training takes place outside in nature under the open sky, between training sessions we swim and sunbathe, we eat our meals outdoors and some evenings we watch movies in the outdoor cinema.

This requires good weather, something Croatia is usually very good at delivering.

However, when you book a trip to Lost Villa, it is good to be aware that it can be insanely hot, rain, windy and cold.

Usually the weather is great!

Bad weather

In 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022 we barely had a drop of rain during the months we spent in Croatia (May to October).

In the spring of 2019, however, we were made aware that it can also rain in Croatia. In May we had rain around 2 days per week! According to many Croatians, this was the worst May in 30 years.

Lost Villa is not built for rain and bad weather. When it rains, you realize that the apartments are quite small, all training takes place outside, it is difficult to dry your wet clothes, there is almost no place to socialize indoors and food is eaten outside. Due to everything being solar powered there are no radiators (we have warm blankets).

Unfortunately, we find it difficult to do anything about bad weather. We eat our meals in the apartments and exercise as much as possible. We have a smaller tent, but unfortunately it can be quite windy, which means that we cannot use the tent on these occasions.

We think it’s important to highlight this because it’s a very different experience if it’s raining and cold compared to when we have lovely summer heat and can swim all day.


The idea is of course that it will be sunny every day, but not too much. We do not arrange trips in July and August because we think it will be too hot to be able to train outdoors.

But even in May, June, September and October it can get really hot.

Since everything is solar powered, we do not have enough electricity to have air conditioning or fans in the apartments. It can therefore get hot in the rooms.

The training takes place outdoors. When it’s hot, drink a lot and take a break if it gets too hot. The sea is close and it is always allowed to interrupt a training session for a dip in the blue.

“You look badass in the rain”