Welcome to Powertrip!

Join us in Croatia on a magnificent power- and weightlifting trip next to the Adriatic Sea on the island of Hvar. 

During the week there will be a lot of workouts, world class coaching, competitions, fantastic food, swimming, sunbathing and many new friends.

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Dates: 30 May – 6 June 2020.

News for 2020:

We will have classes in weightlifting for those who are interested in becoming a better weightlifter. 


We are incredibly proud of the coaches who are joining us on “Powertrip 2020”. Together they have a lot of championship medals, but above all they are incredibly good coaches. For a whole week you will be coached by some of Sweden’s best coaches, to become a better power- and weightlifter. We will train strength, technique, mindset and much more.

Whether you have just started bench pressing at the gym, or have been competing in weightlifting for several years, our fantastic coaches will be able to help you to develop in the sport.


Since 2014 Josef Eriksson is one of Sweden’s best classic bench presses. Currently trying to reach 300 kg in deadlift.

Josef is a well-known trainer in Sweden and has helped many strength lifters to improve their technique and results.

He recently helped Viktor Söder from Tyngre to increase his bench press from 75 kg to 120 kg in only 3 months!


One of Sweden’s best female weight- and powerlifter. Swedish junior and senior record as well as junior world record in bench press. Has been competing in powerlifting since 2014 and weightlifting since 2016.

Donna is a great coach and often has seminars in weight- and powerlifting.


The track record for Markus can be made long. Several championship medals, but he has also coached some of Sweden’s best powerlifters.

World Cup Bronze in Bench Press (Senior)

European Silver in Bench Press (Senior)

Swedish Gold in Bench Press (Senior, Junior and Youth)


Amanda is a coach with a lot of knowledge about powerlifting and who is very pedagogical.

Amanda competes in powerlifting but has previously done bikini fitness and won bronze medal at the December Cup and Lucia Cup.

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30 May – 6 June 2020.

Hvar, Croatia.

1295 € transfer from Split included.
14995 SEK flight & transfer included.

Josef Eriksson, Donna Berglund, Marcus Grahn and
Amanda Bergström.

Included in the price:

Flight from Gothenburg, Stockholm or Copenhagen (1295 euro without flight).

Transfer to and from Split airport

“Do-it-yourself-breakfast” (everything included, but you do it yourself in your apartment).

Lunch incl. drinks.

Dinner incl. drinks.

Free “fitnessbar” every afternoon (protein shakes, energy drinks, snacks, beer, wine and much more).

Accommodation in simple apartments directly by the sea.

World class coaching.

Free access to gym.

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We live in simple apartments with amazing location next to the Adriatic sea. This is also where we eat lunch and dinner every day. Each apartment consist of two bedrooms with two beds in each, bathroom and kitchen (only for preparing breakfast).
If you travel alone you will share a bedroom with another person of the same gender.

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Lost Villa is a unique destination far from the civilization out on the island
Hvar in the Croatian archipelago. Here we have built a fantastic training destination right next to the Adriatic Sea. During one week you will be able to focus only on yourself and your training. All food and drinks are included. Every day our coaches will help you to take your training to the next level. This week are for those interested in powerlifting and weightlifting. It doesn’t matter if you are world champion or has just tried lifting a few times at the gym, everybody are welcome!