Apartments next to the sea!

We live in simple accommodation apartments with 2-6 beds. Each apartment consists of 2-3 bedrooms, with kitchen (only for breakfast) and a bathroom.

If you travel alone, then you will be placed together with other nice guests. You will have a private single bed in shared bedroom and we never mix male and females in the same room if they don’t know each other from before.

If you are two bookings together, we guarantee a private double room, you will share the kitchen and bathroom with other guests.

If you have any special requests, please write this when booking.
The single room costs 240€.
Slow and unstable WIFI is included.

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Lost Beach

At Lost Beach we have 8 apartments that surrounds the cozy courtyard where we eat lunch and dinner every day. Here is also a private beach entirely for ourselves. Next to the buildings, we have an outdoor gym and basketball court.

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Lost Bay

In the bay between Lost Beach and Lost Villa we have apartments in several different buildings. Here are two cozy beaches and a jetty that stops waves and makes Lost Bay a perfect place for swimming in calm water.

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Lavanda house

Fisherman’s villa

* Upgraded apartments
The apartments and are of a higher standard and are more modernly furnished than other accommodation.

These cost 150€ extra / guest.

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Lost Villa

The Lost Villa is situated at the end of the road next to Lost Bay and about 10 minutes’ walk from Lost Beach (15 min swimming).This is where the outdoor gym is located and we have most workouts. The proximity of the location to the Adriatic Sea further makes it magical. And it is not yet explored

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When we arrange training camps, no guests are staying at Lost Villa. However, it is possible to rent Lost Villa (including the entire gym) in July and August when we have no camps. Watch here and check out Lost Villa on Airbnb.


We are very proud of the accommodation we offer, far from civilization and just a few meters from the Adriatic Sea. In our opinion, this is paradise!

However, it is important to be aware that it is a simple standard in rustic stone houses. Each apartment is owned by Croatian private individuals and is decorated differently. If you are looking for a luxurious hotel with room service and fresh towels every day then this is, unfortunately, the wrong destination. But, if you want to get far from charter and stressed out tourists then this is paradise.

All electricity comes from the sun, for good and for bad. It is fantastic to be able to live only on the energy that the sun gives us. But it also means that we do not have high-energy-consuming appliances such as hairdryers, fans, air conditioning or heaters. When it gets cold or wet it also gets cool and humid in the apartments and when it gets hot outside it gets hot in the apartments.

That is why we have chosen to arrange the training camps during spring and autumn, as it is usually a comfortable temperature both inside and outside. But we are no weather gods and you have to be prepared for both heat, cold and rain.

We have a back-up with thick quilts and a diesel generator if it should be cloudy for several days. But this is an outdoor destination and in bad weather, everything becomes a bit tedious. We eat lunch and dinner under the open sky every day, if it rains, we eat in the apartments. The training takes place outdoors.

The water for the showers is also heated by the sun. Until 2020, we have installed gas heaters at Lost Beach to always be able to have hot water, but this system is not yet complete and tested. Sheets and towels are included but are not changed during the week. Bring your own beach towels to the beach and workout.

Approximate floor plan (all apartments do not look the same):

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The apartments Top left and Top right in Lost Bay are of a higher standard and are more modernly furnished than other accommodation. The apartments consist of two bedrooms with two beds in each room, two bathrooms, and a combined kitchen and living room.

These cost 150€ extra/person. If you do not fill all the seats, an additional 240€ will be added for each empty bed.

These apartments are also solar-powered and the water is heated by the sun.

Approximate floor plan:

planritning - ACCOMMODATION