The island of Hvar has the nickname Suncani Hvar (sunny Hvar) because it is so sun-proof.

The season is long on Hvar and is the island that has the most sunshine hours in all of Croatia.

Statistically, it rains 3-7 days / month during the period that we arrange training trips.

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Welcome To Paradise!

Lost Villa is a real outdoor destination, we spend almost all the time outdoors. All workouts take place outdoors in the open air, between the workout we swim and sunbathe, we eat all meals outdoors and some evenings we watch movies in the outdoor cinema.

For this, good weather is required, and fortunately, this is something Croatia is usually very good at delivering.

If you book a trip to Lost Villa, then it is good to be aware that it can be quite hot, rainy and cold here.

Usually it’s a great weather!

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Rain and bad weather

In 2016, 2017 and 2018 we had barely a single raindrop during the months we spent in Croatia (May to October).

In the spring of 2019, however, we were warned that it can also rain in Croatia. In May we had rain around 2 days a week! According to many Croatian, this was the worst month of May in 30 years.

Lost Villa is not built for rain and bad weather. When it rains, you realize that the apartments are quite small, all exercise is done outdoors, it is difficult to dry the wet clothes, there is almost no place to spend indoors and the food is eaten outdoors. Since everything is solar-powered, there is no heating (we only have warm blankets).

Unfortunately, we have a hard time doing anything about bad weather. We eat the meals in the apartments and do the workout as good as possible. We have a smaller tent, but unfortunately, it can be very windy which means that we cannot use the tent at these times.

Prior to 2020, we have installed a gas solar heater to get warm water even in bad weather. Since we have not been able to test the system yet, we do not know how well it works.

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The island of Hvar has an incredible amount to offer. The island’s organized tourism has recently celebrated 150 years and the island is considered to be one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world.


This is the nearest village. You can reach her by walking up the gravel road, which is about 4.5 km. Once in the village there is a local café. There, you can experience the local ham and cheese with local wine. There is also a smaller minimarket.

Fish Restaurant Veprinova
About 7 km away along the seafront is a fantastic little fish restaurant. It is a wonderful location and a magical view of the Adriatic Sea.
Highly recommended!

Hvar town

Hvar town is one of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations. The harbor is located in a picturesque bay and is a popular gathering place for large yachts sailing around the Adriatic. The city has lots of restaurants, cafés, hotels, galleries, museums, and exhibitions. In bad weather, a visit to the luxurious Seniors SPA can be absolutely fantastic.


The village of Jelsa is our nearest major village and was founded as a harbor for the village of Pitve in the 1400s. From fishing and agriculture, Jelsa developed into shipbuilding and maritime center, especially during the 19th century.


It takes about 1 hour by taxi to Jelsa. It takes about 1.5 hours by taxi to Hvar city.

Taxi for 8 people costs about 2000 kuna both ways (250 kunas/ person).

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The idea is, of course, that there should be lots of suns every day, but not too much. We do not arrange trips in July and August because we think it is too hot to exercise outdoors.

But even in May, June, September, and October, it can get really hot.

Since everything is powered by solar, we do not have enough electricity to have air conditioning or fans in the apartments. So, it can get hot in the rooms.

The training takes place outdoors. When it’s hot, drink a lot of water and take a break if it gets too hot. The sea is close and it is always allowed to cancel a workout for a swim in the blue.

We have tried to build different sunscreens over the training surface but which unfortunately has broken in the wind. This is an ongoing project and we hope to find a sustainable solution to get shade in the gym.


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“You look very badass in the rain”

The Swedish champion in classic bench press 2019, Sandra Smolotov, trained with us a few weeks before the championship and got to experience a few days of rain. But with the right attitude, she turned it to an advantage and was not distracted by the weather.

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